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Aria Wunderland – Coup D’état

Having made waves behind the scenes writing for some of the biggest names in music (Jennifer Lopez among others) Aria Wunderland (@ariawunderland) looks set for the limelight with her latest single giving us a big indication of things to come. “Coup D’état”, French for “stroke of the state”, is a socially conscious record reflecting the current times of the United States in a punchy, melodic way.

Aria Wunderland Premieres New Song “Coup D'etat” on SoundCloud

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Aria Wunderland delivered a new song "Coup D'etat" via SoundCloud. The new song was premiered exclusively on AXS on December 20, 2016. It was taken from her upcoming debut album "Paper Gowns", which will be released in early 2017. 
Aria Wunderland grew up in NYC, then moving to Teaneck, NJ. After graduation of Rutgers University, she is currently based in Los Angeles. 
To date, she performed at Tommy Hilfiger's Hope For Them Haiti Relief Foundation charity event, as well as at ASCAP's Extended Songwriter's Workshop. Also she is known as a songwriter for Jennifer Lopez. 


A gifted musician and song-writer from a young age, Aria Wunderland has long-since held a passion for the music world. Not content with writing her own material, she also taught herself Logic Pro in order to be able to produce it too. From there, she hasn’t looked back.

Speaking about her love of what she does, Wunderland says:

“Music really helped me get through some dark times in my life. It is an escape and an outlet. I write music for people to feel empowered, and never alone in their times of trouble.”

INTERVIEW: Aria Wunderland

Hi Aria, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Great, thank you so much for having me!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Coup D’etat?”

This is the first single off of my EP titled “Paper Gowns.” This particular song is very special to me as it is the only song on my EP in which I delve into politics and make a statement. I really want people to understand the message I’m trying to bring through music.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song? 

I’ve always been inspired by the history of rebellion and revolution. The concept of Coup d’etat (overthrow of government) has always resonated with me. Given the circumstances surrounding our recent election, I wanted to express my frustration through art. A coup d’etat is very unlikely to ever happen in our country but I wanted to play with this idea (hypothetically) and elicit doubt about our democracy in my fans and listeners.


Catch up with singer-songwriter Aria Wunderland and listen to her latest single "Coup D'etat" off her upcoming EP Paper Gowns.

What got you interested in music and in songwriting?

Aria: It actually started with classical music, I was really, really drawn to music from Europe: basically, Chopin, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky when I was a kid, for some reason. It kind of went hand in hand with Disney, too - I was obsessed with both and I just wanted to study piano. I was playing piano by ear and, maybe around 5, I started just playing Disney songs and whatever I could figure out on my own. My mom had given up because my brothers tried piano lessons and hated it so, with me - I was the third born and I was 5/6 years younger than both my brothers - she was just like, "well, let's just see what happens". I was begging her basically, I wanted piano lessons so badly, so it all started with piano. Then, I was also singing separately, singing to Disney and annoying the hell out of my brothers singing every song you could imagine [laughs]. It wasn't until my early teens that I realized, "wow, I can actually merge the two and this could be really cool if I sang and played piano at the same time". I started just playing around with melody - I would say melody was always the first thing for me, being that I was into classical music - and then I slowly began to take some of my journal entries and see what I could come up with writing-wise. Yeah, that's how it started. [Laughs] It started on the piano.


Aria Wunderland – Coup D’etat

NYC-born Aria Wunderland is going to be making quite a name for herself, having already written for the likes of J-Lo.

Using music as an escape from the political chaos of her home country, her debut single, ‘Coup D’etat’, talks of the lies fed to a powerless public.

Time to stand up and listen. This is one hell of a protest pop song.

Aria Wunderland takes a Pop Star Approach to Address Government Operations with 'Coup D’etat'

Someone call Lady Gaga, because we’ve got a new rebellious pop star on our hands. New York City-native, Aria Wunderland and start-up political passion-ista has a lot to say about the most recent United States presidential election and its impact on our society.

What is a Coup D’etat, you might ask? You may have learned about it in a high school World History course, but it’s defined as a complete overthrow of all government operations by an external force or rebellious group.

Ms. Wunderland uses her song, “Coup D’etat” to stand up next to the many who have already voiced their opinions on November’s recent political events. Whether you took to social media to tweet and/or post about your political stances and rants, or rather even stood out on the front battle lines to picket about your protests and viewpoints; you’ve made yourself known and heard.

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